The Project

A short while ago I arranged some of my music for piano, viola and voice for a family celebration in Germany. Since then I feel very much inspired by this minimal approach for its clarity – to strip down a song to its purest and most honest form is both challenging and exciting. 

My songs receive positive audience responses at concerts and some people have asked for recordings, so I decided to arrange a selection of my songs in this acoustic combination and set up an independent crowd funding campaign to raise funds for my first ever professional recordings, in cooperation with Music’Alizé.

The aim is not only to create beautiful new music featuring my talented brother Tobias, who is a professional violist based in Toulouse/France and holds a Masters Degree in Chamber Music, but also to produce broadcast quality recordings for submission to production music libraries and publishers.

With your help we’ll be able to arrange, rehearse and revise, pay for professional studio hire and engineering, mastering, cover musicians’ fees and travel, and manufacture a few exclusive vinyl pressings.

These recordings will not be for sale, only supporters of my campaign/s will have access after the release date planned for early 2020.

If you want take part and get exclusive updates & footage from behind the scenes, MP3, strictly limited vinyl, attend live previews or even be credited on the album, check out how to Play Your Part now!

Thanks for your time reading this, and thank you very much in advance should you decide to chip in – I will keep you posted excitedly with developments!

Feel free to share – it’s all about the “crowd”, and “every little helps” 🙂

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