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7ove Songs will NOT be for sale – only supporters of my campaign/s will have access to exclusive project updates, MP3s, strictly limited vinyl editions and private live concerts.

Super Backers will get a mention on vinyl & web on top of all the other rewards, as well as personal video live chat opportunities throughout the process .

All live concert ticket holders will also receive MP3s, updates and access to Behind The Scenes.

I’m a “DIY kind of girl” and built this website myself, so you won’t receive any automated newsletters, but only personal project updates, individually “hand written” and sent by myself.


We will need a minimum of € 5000 to cover all technical project costs and logistics, but this wouldn’t cover musicians’ fees as recommended by the Musicians Union.

With € 7000 raised, musicians would get a fair pay, too, and some more would allow us to upgrade to the very best recording studio, engineer and mastering service.


This campaign runs throughout November 2019, with a tight production schedule planned for December. With your help, MP3s will be available early 2020 – vinyl manufacture will take a few weeks longer.

Private live concert dates and locations will be coordinated and confirmed with funders after the campaign has ended.

Updates on progress of both the campaign and the creative process will be available only to supporters in the “Behind The Scenes” area.

Simply choose your Thank You’s and send your donation securely via PayPal to >> Music’Alizé << and you will receive a password to access Behind The Scenes via email (campaign closed now).

Please de-activate PayPal >Buyer’s Protection< to avoid unnecessary fees! Thank you 🙂

THANK YOU €20 €100 €200 €300 €500 €1000
MP3s x x x x x x
Exclusive updates & footage x x x x x x
Strictly limited edition Vinyl   x   x x x
4 x Private Solo KrautFunDing tickets (LPL)     x      
4 x Private Duo Concert tickets (LPL/TLS/AB)       x    
10 x Private Duo Concert tickets (LPL/TLS/AB)
& Credit on Web
20 x Private Duo Concert tickets (LPL/TLS/AB)           x
“Super Backer” Credit on Vinyl & Web & live chat           x
Availability n/a 25 5 10 10 5

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All supporters will receive a donation certificate for tax purpose. Making your payment to Music’Alizé also entitles you to a free membership with the association for one year.

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