Tracks are on the way

A lot has happened in the last few months, and I could write a book or two by now, but I will try to keep it short – so here are the main news in a nutshell:

The carpal tunnel release surgery on my left hand in January put me out of action for a few weeks, but the hand is now slowly returning to full strength again – and piano playing is no problem, hooray.

On 1st March my close friend and former partner Annette passed away in South Africa, so I took the next possible flight to say my final farewell, and to help with the four dogs and two cats she left behind. I am heart broken and all this has shaken me up quite a lot so everything was on hold for a few weeks.

On top of all that, my flight back to UK got cancelled since SA is on lockdown now for three weeks from 26th March. I am actually quite happy to be here rather than in Liverpool during all this madness after all.

But I still feel like I will wake up any minute, and it’s all just a very vivid bad dream…

Luckily I have some really good friends here and we are looking after each other, so I am safe and sound and got all I need.

Meanwhile our lovely engineer Tony Draper kindly organised the mastering of the 7ove recordings for us, and the brilliant Mastering Engineer Katie Taviani did a fabulous job!

Apart from being a highly experienced professional, Katie also runs a really cool initiative called Modulation, where I cheekily applied, and I am over the moon that she agreed to master 5 tracks of our 7ove Album for free as part of her programme.

Katie is currently busy creating the mastered formats, so it won’t be long now until you all can download the long awaited music, promise!

I feel very lucky, privileged and blessed for all the kindness I received over the last few weeks, and I am full of gratitude and appreciation for being alive and well, and all the good people and things I have in my life.

Thanks again for your patience!

With lots of love from Port Edward,


What’s next?

Deutscher Text weiter unten

You’re probably already wondering „Where is the music?“ or „Did they run off to the Bahamas with our donations?“ 😉

Of course we didn’t, but good things take a while! After resting our ears over Christmas we had a few jobs and appointments to start off the new year.

But finally the time has come to listen through the rough mixes and to take notes in preparation for the final mix, which will be done by our brilliant engineer Tony Draper.

The final mix will then be mastered, both for Vinyl and for MP3/WAV/AIFF by yet another expert pair of ears – we appreciate your patience!

Sicher fragt Ihr Euch schon “Wo bleibt die Musik?” oder gar “Haben sich die zwei mit unseren Spendengeldern auf die Bahamas geflüchtet?” 😉

Natürlich nicht, aber gut Ding will Weile haben – nachdem wir unseren Ohren über Weihnachten eine kleine Pause gegönnt hatten, mussten im neuen Jahr erst einmal einige andere Jobs und Termine in Toulouse und Liverpool abgewickelt werden.

Doch nun ist es endlich an der Zeit, die Rohaufnahmen durchzuhören und Notizen für die endgültige Mischung zu machen, die unser brillanter Tonmeister Tony Draper in den kommenden Wochen fertigstellen wird.

Danach muss das Ganze noch von einem weiteren Profi gemastert werden, sowohl für Vinyl als auch für MP3/WAV/AIFF – wir danken für Eure Geduld!